An addiction is the need for a specific substance or the carry out a specific activity and the need is often uncontrollable. Addictions often lead to significant problems within relationships, home life, work and school, in fact can disrupt all aspects of life.

Different forms of addictions catered

Addictions come in many different forms. In fact someone can become addicted to anything. It is only when it starts to become detrimental to everyday life that it becomes a problem. Some of the different forms of addictions are below:

Who is at risk?

It is impossible to say who is at risk of developing an addction, however research shows that there are factors that contribute to someone being more likely to become addicted to something which include:

  • Family members with addiction issuesMembers of your family have suffered from addictions
  • Increased stress
  • Trauma or stress experienced during childhood and early years
  • Struggling with other mental health issues


Many people struggling with an addiction will find individual sessions with someone who specialises in addicitons beneficial. It is often recommended that if the addiciton is alcohol or chemical based then it is important to be assessed by a medical professional as well as a psychological one in order to be able to look at the physical risks of prolonged addiction and to look at the most appropriate and safest way to quit the substance as stopping suddenly can lead to medical complications. Dr Lalitha de Silva would be able to conduct a psychiatric assessment in order to be able to identify the most appropriate treament plan which can include medication, psychological individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy or residential treatment. Psychotherapy plays an important part for recovery as it will help to understand the reason for the addiciton which is important in helping to promote relapse prevention. If residential treatment is recommended either to ensure the withdrawal symptoms are managed safely or to be away from the familiar environment that potentially could be contributing to the addiction DR de Silva would be able to facilitate the admission and treatment.

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