1. Where can I see Dr De Silva?

Dr de Silva consults out of three main clinics:

  • 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF
  • Cardinal Clinic, Oakley Green, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 5UL
  • The Berkshire Independent Hospital, Swallows Croft, Wensley Road, Coley Park, Reading, RG1 6UZ

2. What is the fee and how can I pay for my appointment?

The cost per session in London is £350.00 for the initial assessment and £300.00 for follow up appointments. The cost per session at the Cardinal Clinic or the Berkshire Independent is £300.00 for the initial assessment and £300.00 for follow up appointments.

3. How soon can I see the Dr De Silva?

Dr de Silva aims to be able to offer appointments within the week. If she is fully booked in one location you may be able to see her at a different clinic sooner.

4. How long will my initial consultation take?

The initial assessment usually lasts for up to one hour. Occasionally one appointment may not provide enough time to cover all aspects necessary and she will be able to discuss this during the initial assessment

5. What can I expect from my first appointment?

During the initial assessment Dr de Silva will ask some questions to understand your situation. These questions may relate to your family history, medical history, social situations and your reason for wanting to see her. She will also be looking at any previous treatment you have had for any psychiatric or psychological conditions in the past to help identify the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to your needs. After the initial assessment Dr de Silva will write to your GP with the recommended treatment plan in order that they aware of your situation and for continuity of care.

6. Do I need a GP referral letter?

It is good practice to obtain a referral letter from your GP prior to your initial assessment with Dr de Silva in order that she can understand your situation better prior to seeing you. Medical illness and medications can at times contribute to symptoms of a number of different mental health related issues, if your GP provides Dr de Silva with your background information she can look at whether any aspect of your physical health may be contributing to your situation. The referral letter may also inform Dr de Silva about any medication you are currently taking which can be important if Dr de Silva is wanting to prescribe or recommend specific medications for your situation. We understand that at times it may not be possible to obtain a referral letter prior to the appointment, in this case Dr de Silva can see you without the referral letter and will write to your GP after the appointment informing them of your situation and of the recommended treatment plan.

7. How do I book an appointment?

The easiest way to book an appointment is to call Dr de Silva’s team on 0207 1298 114. If there is no answer please leave a message and someone will call you back. Alternatively, you can email info@drlalithadesilva.com if you state in the email where you would like to be seen, either in London, Reading or Windsor then your email can be forwarded to the relevant secretary.

8. What are your cancellation charges?

All appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are charged at the full rate. Appointments booked and not attended are also charged at the full rate.

9. Will I have to take medication?

Not all conditions require medication. If medication is recommended then Dr de Silva will be able to talk to you about the benefits as well as the possible side effects of taking the medication. Whether you decide to take medication, following on from an assessment with Dr de Silva, is up to you. If someone does not want to take medication then Dr de Silva will be happy to look at other treatment options to help.

10. What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?

A Consultant Psychiatrist is a medically trained doctor who continues their training in order to specialise in psychiatry and mental health. As a psychiatrist is a medical doctor they are able to prescribe medication such as anti depressants or sleep medication. They will also be able to conduct an assessment that takes into account the person’s biological and medical history. A Psychologist delivers talking therapies which can be used in order to help to change the way people think and feel. There are different talking therapists and a psychologist is one of them, Dr de Silva will take into account your situation and make a recommendation and / or referral to the most appropriate talking therapist or psychologist for your situation. It can be very common for someone to work with both a psychiatrist and a psychologist or psychotherapist in order to able to treat the symptoms in the most effective and safest possible manner.

11. Can anyone accompany me at consultation?

You may bring someone with you to the initial assessment with Dr de Silva, they can either wait in the waiting room or accompany you during the appointment. Dr de Silva may ask for time alone with you if you bring someone with you to ensure that she understand the situation as best as possible.

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